Guest Blogger: Craft & Concept

Guest Blogger: Craft & Concept

Designing Nightlife: A Look at Feline-Inspired Club Logos

In the world of nightclub branding, a visually striking and memorable logo is key, and there are three clubs who's designs are recognizable nationwide. Let's take a closer look at Big Purr, The Thirsty Calico, and Burning Bright, whose feline-inspired designs showcase the power and elegance of the feline mystique .


 The Powerful Chill of Big Purr

Big Purr is a nightclub that lives up to its name, and the club's black panther logo makes an impressive mark on the nightlife scene. Grounded by strong shapes and elements of street art, the rich dark coat, elegant profile and piercing eyes of the design's big cat create a compelling aura that entrances. Patrons associate the club with mystique, and the choice of the panther as the emblematic figure perfectly embodies the club's charged atmosphere. No one relaxes harder than Big Purr—listen, the back bar and lounge game is legendary—but as it's faithful patrons will attest, just underneath that chill surface runs the thrilling current of unpredictability on the prowl, something dark and wild, with promises of excitement and vice.

 The Thirsty Calico's Whimsical Blend of Cats and Drinks

For those seeking a playful yet sophisticated night out, The Thirsty Calico beckons with its charming logo. The establishment's famous calico kittys, known for their cuteness, unbothered manner and for appearing randomly throughout the venue where ever they please, take center stage here, playful and pouncing, surrounded by bubbly and spirits. The logo is a captivating blend of artistic whimsy and feline charm, enticing patrons with the promise of a vibrant and colorful night filled with laughter and fun.

Twin Tigers' Mesmerizing Call of Burning Bright

Burning Bright stuns with its elegant and sophisticated logo. The felines face each other, jaws wide in a roar, the brilliant light of their eyes piercing the dark. But is their posture oppositional? Or is it harmonious, like an embrace? The twins symbolize duality, a fitting symbol for a nightclub that offers such a multifaceted experience to its patrons. The design is sleek with a touch of mystique, making it the ideal choice for a logo that kindles imagination, hinting at the experiences awaiting patrons inside.


These three feline-themed nightclub logos showcase the diversity of design within the nightlife industry. Whether it's the fierce elegance of Big Purr, the playful charm of The Thirsty Calico, or the sophisticated allure of Burning Bright, these logos are more than symbols – they're gateways to unforgettable nights!

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