What is Dream 2025?


Hi. Here in Namkanda we have a dream, which is simply this:

In the year 2025, all seven will be free to live and do as they choose.

The long road to becoming the Bangtan they are today has been very rewarding, but also very hard. 2025 is part of Chapter Two, and whether the year kicks off new concerts and albums or it does not, we hope either way that in 2025 they'll have the space to truly relax, enjoy the lives they've all worked so hard for, and choose what they want.

With the military service deadline no longer looming over them, we hope for them to once again set their own path, on their own terms, and that they can feel confident in their choices knowing we have their back.

Let's hope and dream good things for all of us while we wait, and look forward to the future, together.

All of us help keep their dream alive. Dream 2025 is inspired by us, their Army, who always stay.