What is Hello Namkanda?

"What is this?"...

"Sounds like you're talking in codes, I don't understand"...


No worries, here's a quick rundown:

"Namkanda" is the fictional homeland of Bangtan and Army, created by Twitter Army in 2018, prompted by real world events occurring within fandoms and social media. During that time Hello Namkanda began creating stories, random world-building, about the booked and busy, vibrant nation of Namkanda, blending real world with the fictional Army nation. And yes, of course we have seven presidents.


Creativity plays a meaningful role in how our fandom interacts with each other, and we love that about us. And because real life can be stressful and a lot to deal with sometimes, we believe in curating relaxing spaces, real or imaginary, where you can be unserious and find something that makes you smile.

Hello Namkanda is simply a space for taking a moment, sharing our love of music and art, creativity and imagination, supporting the guys and each other while providing some light-hearted fun.



"How can I join in, I don't know anything about Namkanda, is it easy/free?"

No prob and yes it is! You can:

-simply check out The Daily Namkanda to read and familiarize yourself with random people, places and things, and have or laugh or be mildly amused

-scroll through the gift shops and have a laugh or be mildly amused

-check out our Home page and if you see something that makes you smile, share it with a fellow Army

-click the Now Playing content and enjoy the music while helping with our streams

- subscribe to our emails, where we'll inform you of gift shop sales and upcoming giveaways  *giveaways are US only

And that's it, you are a participating citizen of Namkanda.


And now, about Namkanda and that special Army Independence Day from a few Armys in their own words...















Yep, join us and let's get it.  Even more About Us...





Changes to the Gift Shop - Sadly we're at the moment only shipping to the U.S. We hope to have shipping to multi-region back ASAP.


Product Availability -  Some stuff is sold out and we're working on restocking, but some are no longer available as they were discontinued by the supplier.

--We're unable to restock the original 'Hello' shot glass set . But good news, the singles are available so we still have a little shot to reach for when BH fires off another emotionally-compromising message no one's prepared for.

--Bookmarks, wine tags, and card sets are sold out for now.

-Handmade items that are out of stock indefinitely: Pens, lip balms, candle/soap sets, friendship bracelets. It's hectic now, but we look forward to their return!

- We're switching suppliers with some items, so they've been taken off line, which includes the team tees, jerseys, beanies and shoes.

-- The 2025 poster calendars were restocked and are now again available in the gift shop!


Blog - Some of our Namkanda nation world-building was lost with the original acct but we're (very slowly)  re-uploading what we have. Every blog post from the last two years may show up here totally out of chronological order, please ignore it, what even is time...


New sm accounts-  No membership necessary, accounts are public. At this time we don't plan to use Discord again, but we have brand new Twitter and IG accounts, so feel free to follow those!

Welcome and thanks!