The President and Vice Presidents, Executive Cabinet of Namkanda.


What is Namkanda, is it real?

Yes. In October 2018, The Fandoms of Kpop banded together, united for one goal: "to kick Armys out of Kpop". Oddly, Armys had been accused and found guilty of vigorously supporting only BTS, and failing to support All of Kpop.

After learning of their expulsion from Kpop, Army threw a great celebration. A parade, cookout and global house party, filled with music, choreo, fan arts and edits, as they officially moved to their established home, Namkanda.

But where did Namkanda come from??

"Bangtan Sonyeondan’s shining star and Army’s radiant constellation met in the vast darkness of space and time and they collided,creating a brilliant purple galaxy. At it's center a great energy called borahae formed and grew, expanding, drawing all the elements in it's orbit together. This formation became Namkanda.

Thus, Namkanda was born from the interplay of stars and light, passion and joy, the product of two universes’ dance of trust and love." Namkanda, A History Vol.I

Sounds like nonsense, but this is textbook origin info, pure math and astrophysics.

Where is Namkanda, can I go there??

Namkanda is where ever you are, you can go any time. To supplement your interest in Armying, fun, rest and relaxation, feel free to stop by Hello Namkanda and Visit Namkanda when ever you like!


Namkanda sounds great, can I live there?!

Many people enjoy visiting, but to live in Namkanda you must be a citizen and citizenship is granted to Armys only.


What's the weather like in Namkanda?

Namkanda has all weather and climates.

What language is spoken in Namkanda?

All languages.

Also, whenever any of the presidents do something even mildly provocative Namkandans speak a dialect commonly known as purple tongue, which no tourist will ever understand.


Do we need a password??

No, we're off private, currently no password is required to visit Hello Namkanda.


Actually, what happened to the blog?...

That's about six years worth of "Namkanda Daily" and a lot of it sadly has been lost, but we'll repost from the backups what we can, it'll just take awhile!


What happened to international boxes??

Pandemic, inflation, and chaos. Shipping becoming brutal. We hope to reopen shipping (not free at this time, though) to places outside the U.S.


Are the giveaways gonna happen?

We'll announce when we're all set up and ready to go, just keep an eye follow and keep eyes on our social media accounts!.

Can I talk to the Presidents here??

Personal messages for the Executive Cabinet members are not accepted, however Hello Namkanda accepts general messages of support, love and happiness towards the members as well as towards fellow Army that we occasionally feature on the site!

Can I get fun stuff like souvenirs?

Hi we literally have one job. Yes, please feel free to visit the gift shops, we have a little something for everyone!

What's the purpose of this??

Fun. Love and healing through art, creativity and music.

What do I tell my friends and family when I leave for Namkanda??

Tell them you're relaxing, enjoying art and music, being part of a happy, creative community while bothering no one and minding your bora business.