Clash of the Titans: Vipers vs. Impalers

Clash of the Titans: Vipers vs. Impalers


Derby fans! It’s almost time for this year’s most highly-anticipated showdown between two national powerhouses, as the Violet Vipers and the Indigo Impalers prepare to face off once again in just two weeks!

Following their last match which left awe-struck spectators buzzing for a year, the roller derby community counts down the days to the rematch, relishing the intense rivalry between these two teams and the good-natured rivalry between their fandoms.

In their explosive last encounter, the Vipers and Impalers put on a show with their bad ass athleticism, strategic brilliance, and the agility and speed displayed by both teams had us on the edge of their seats for the entire match. And without a doubt, the derby fans looking for spectacle got their high expectation fully met and the purple breath snatched right from their lungs when the Vipers stole the show in a winning move when they pulled off a jaw-dropping surprise new maneuver, dubbed “The Black Swan”, that brought the fans of both teams to their feet.


Namkanda’s roller derby fans are a passionate bunch, who love interacting with each other, especially between bouts.From creating costumes in their team’s colors, new fanchants to shout from the seats, creative fan art* of their favorite teams and players and even fanfiction (careful in there) their energy keeps the fires of competition stoked between events and electrifies arenas, creating their own unique atmosphere of sportmanship and camaraderie that is quite infectious. So don't be shy, just in the fun!

Tickets to this rematch go on sale tomorrow, and they always go fast so set your alarms. Don’t miss it!



*We didn't forget! Last week's cyberpunk show at DNA Galleries had a huge fan art section featuring NK's derby teams Here's some of your submissions, featuring some Impalers and Vipers!









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