Statue Bandits Strike AGAIN!

Statue Bandits Strike AGAIN!

 You’re not gonna believe this but, incredibly, the BT21 statue bandits have struck again!

At 6:15am this morning, managers of the Seesaw Bay location BT21 store opened their doors, walked into their lobby and discovered the shocking sight. There were only 7 characters present. Their Shooky was gone!

Exactly like the RJ case, there was no damage to the store and no other item in the store was missing. Only their precious five foot Shooky statue!

Seesaw Bay and Epiphany Harbor authorities created a joint unit for their investigation. Just three weeks ago, the giant RJ statue known as ‘Big RJ’ was stolen from the EH location in the exact same manner and police still haven’t located RJ or identified any leads in the theft.

After learning of the Shooky kidnapping, and criticizing the lack of progress on the RJ case, a certain group of citizens commenting on social media have stated they've had enough:




We at HN shudder to think what this could mean, but we're not taking our eyes off this one. This new just broke and authorities are even more tight-lipped than before, so details in this story are quite sparse, but Hello Namkanda will stay on this case, so keep your apps updated for the latest news!


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