Breaking News: Beloved RJ Statue Stolen from Epiphany Harbor's BT21 Store

Breaking News: Beloved RJ Statue Stolen from Epiphany Harbor's BT21 Store

Well, this is a story that could rival the scripts of any heist movie. However, in cooperation with the NKP, Hello Namkanda will sadly have to omit most of the details due to the ongoing investigation.

Readers, Big RJ is gone. Yes, the beloved 10ft statue of RJ sitting in the atrium of the popular BT21 store in Epiphany Harbor, was stolen. Under the cover of darkness, sometime between the hours of midnight and 4am this morning a brazen gang of bandits penetrated the store's security, removed poor RJ from his place in the store's lobby and somehow, incredibly, absconded with him.

The statue, already enormously valuable is made more so by the fact that it's autographed several times by Vice-President Kim, as part of a years long running inside joke with the EH community. Big RJ holds a special place in the hearts of residents, attracting RJ fans from all over who pose for photographs in front of the iconic figure.The store’s management spoke with HN, expressing her shock and disappointment. "Big RJ was more than just a statue to us. He’s part of the family and spirit of our store. He brought so much joy to our customers. We are devastated by this theft."

Epiphany Harbor authorities have launched a full-scale investigation, working closely with the NKP to apprehend the perpetrators and recover the beloved statue. The incident has sparked an outpouring of support, with social media flooded with messages expressing eagerness to help. Many citizens are posting their own alerts, advising everyone to be on the lookout for the statue.

“Seriously, how many places can you hide a 10ft solid statue like that?? It's a giant, bright white alpaca wearing a flaming red kerchief, please be serious.”, one incredulous customer commented.

As soon as news of the theft went public, all RJ merch in the store, and stores all over the nation, sold out. Mere minutes after this photo was taken, the shelves were emptied.

As the investigation unfolds, the people of Epiphany Harbor are left wondering who could commit such an act and what their motivations might be. No ransom has been demanded and no one has claimed responsibility.

The EH store will continue to operate, but the absence of Big RJ in the atrium with his BT21 family leaves a great void..

Stay tuned as Hello Namkanda brings you further updates on this developing story.

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