Tempers Flare at Burning Bright

Tempers Flare at Burning Bright

In the early hours of Thursday morning, a NKP crowd control unit responded to reports of an incident occurring at popular downtown club, Burning Bright.

According to eyewitnesses, a disagreement occurred between patrons when members of a large group, identified by their attire as Koya fans, climbed the stage's platform behind the dance floor and interrupted the DJ, causing the music to stop. This prompted a verbal exchange with some Tata fans and a Tata mascot, who were also on the dance floor.

A headband was thrown and a fight broke out.


DJ Baby Bright character courtesy of Badly Drawn Namkanda for Hello Namkanda



The melee involved over 60 people, t-shirt canons, water guns filled with cocktails, and illegal foam grenades, resulting in several injuries due to people falling and colliding as they became lost in the foam, as well as damages to lightsticks.

One spirited patron who spoke with us outside the club was drenched, wearing what was left of her red face-paint and yellow lips after being hosed in the face several times with "something pina colada-y".

“They started it! It’s Tata Night!", she stated pointing across the packed parking lot where a lively crowd of onlookers were cheering on a Koya mascot, who was losing a game of tug of war with NKP officers for a giant Tata head. The feisty patron yelled admonishments at the crowd as she took out her phone to film the Koya having his own head pulled off as he was finally taken down to the ground.


 The Spicy Koala character courtesy of Badly Drawn Namkanda for Hello Namkanda


Burning Bright released a statement condemning the brawl and the use of the illegal grenades,stating that they are cooperating fully with district authorities.

The club's owner immediately made contact via video call and addressed the crowd from the massive LED screens mounted around the venue. He expressed his regret at the mascot-on-mascot violence:

“Burning Bright welcomes everyone, no matter the night.", he reminded softly. "So please, let’s be kinder to one another, and party safely, and peacefully.”

Vice-President Kim then received an incoming call related to his presidential duties, apologized for having to end the call so abruptly, and very graciously excused himself, leaving everyone charmed and overwhelmed with feelings.



Injured patrons were taken to the hospital for treatment, and the club has promised to provide full support to those affected by the incident, and has offered counseling to anyone who’s lightsticks were destroyed.

Similar incidents have occurred this month on theme nights at Dionysus, Sun and Euphoria, sparking concerns about the safety of partygoers at the popular nightclubs. Spokespersons for each of the establishments have stated they are committed to working with NKP and the community to ensure the safety of its patrons.

This is a developing story and as always we'll bring you more updates as they become available!

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