Prepare For Battle, Song Of The Year Is Here.

Prepare For Battle, Song Of The Year Is Here.

Unleashing Creativity Across the Nation


In a country that thrives on its vibrant cultural tapestry, the annual Song Of The Year Contest stands as a shining testament to the artistic spirit and creative prowess of its citizens. As the curtains rise on the first round of this fiercely competitive event, the entire nation unites in a celebration of music and originality. Everyone participates, putting their heads together, pouring heart and soul into crafting exceptional entries. Let's get into what Round One is about!

The Wave of Creativity...

As round one commences, the air in Namkanda hums with the collective excitement as citizens channel their creative energies to create, compose and design pieces inspired by their chosen songs. The volume of submissions and variety of mediums and forms of expression employed by our citizens even boosts travel every year as teams go from town to town after submissions are complete to get a look at their competition in person. From musical performances to visual arts, poetry to dance, every conceivable art form finds its place on the SOTY platform.

Businesses as Beacons of Art...

Not just for the individual, NK’s businesses support us all by boosting the economy while celebrating the arts as SOTY extends its reach to the nation's entrepreneurial landscape. Restaurants transform their spaces into performance venues, hosting nominee nights where aspiring artists grace the stage to campaign hard for their song. Bars and clubs are wildly popular during SOTY, curating special cocktails inspired by the top contenders, imaginative mixtures that are mostly only available during Round One. Most establishments find a way to participate, even bike shops and garages embrace the fervor, organizing exhibitions and demonstrations to engage with the community's energy. How can we forget the year The Dirty Koala took first prize in Round Two with Trivia:Love! We can’t!


Inclusive Engagement...

SOTY galvanizes citizens from all walks of life. School teachers ignite the passion for creativity in their students, guiding them in crafting unique interpretations of their nominee’s melodies. National organizations orchestrate workshops and seminars, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and skill-building. Artists, both professional and amateur, find a common platform to showcase their talents, gaining recognition and appreciation from their fellow citizens. Through such all-encompassing participation, SOTY reinforces the idea that creativity knows no boundaries and that every individual has something valuable to contribute.



The Power of Voting...

At the center of SOTY lies the power of democracy. Amplifying community spirit, the voting process inspires healthy competition and every citizen is empowered to vote for their favorite nominee, ensuring that the passionate, hard-working teams efforts are recognized and rewarded. So remember citizens, your vote matters! Will we soon forget the vicious battle for the top and demands for recount after Blood, Sweat and Tears lost to Fake Love by a mere 7 points?? Purple blood and tears were spilled that week, and a few people were arrested. We will not forget.

So the time to start creating your submissions is NOW. Time flies during round one, so if you want a team and don’t already have one,  jump on the app or visit your online hub or physical locations to start or join one.


The Cabinet members travel the nation incognito every SOTY to get a peek at submissions and whatever you’re up to. Will any of us ever forget the year the entire patronage of Singularity was stunned to their purple core when President Namjoon materialized from the crowd, tall, beautiful, enigmatic and humble, walked up to the bar, politely greeted the staff and asked to try their nominee?? People lost consciousness. One purple soldier went into labor. We will never forget.

You never know where any one of the seven will sneakily appear, so citizens, be on your baddest behavior.

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