Guest Blogger: The Purple Cup

Guest Blogger: The Purple Cup

*drumroll* Greetings, Purple minions, oh do we have a surprise for YOU.

For the first time ever, we at The Purple Cup have joined forces with our deranged nemesis, SingulariTea.

Yeah you got it, it’s that time of year, and it’s a Song Of The Year TEAM UP.

Our two terrifyingly brilliant teams went underground (literally) put our heads together and we conjured up an addictive abomination for your mouth.

It’s diabolic but delicious going down, and it’s available at all Cup and Tea locations on this Friday at midnight!

Set your alarms and bring a friend! You’ll need someone to catch you!

Your clue for the week: #SwallowingDiablo    :)



The Purple Cup logo appears courtesy of NKC for Hello Namkanda

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