Temporary Closure: Dionysus, What Did You Do?…

Temporary Closure: Dionysus, What Did You Do?…

 Dionysus is a crime scene again.

Yes, citizens. In an intriguing turn of events that’s truly keeping the nightclub’s infamous spirit alive, the doors of Dionysus’ Tear location have been closed “due to an ongoing investigation”.

HN doesn’t have all the details at this time, but we received a tip shortly after midnight last night that the popular nightspot’s immense surrounding property was “busy with feds”. Surely enough, we learned from a club spokesperson at 8am this morning that the venue would not be opening for business today, temporarily closed by authorities until further notice. As we know, the NIA doesn’t show up for small, local matters, they’re major crimes oriented, and our intrepid staffers who were on the scene last night witnessed the authorities placing a restriction line around the club’s property entrance around 3am, so there you have it.

This isn't the first time the club has faced such a situation, but what is truly remarkable is that absolutely no one is bothered. The unwavering loyalty and excitement of Dionysus patrons is something else and the club’s reputation as a wild yet safe destination for partygoers remains unblemished. The big D’s past closures remain shrouded in mystery, yet enthusiasm for the club has never once waned, and has in fact only heightened the intrigue that surrounds the club, which boosts numbers yearly.

Attention VIPs!
For those with VIP reservations, fret not. Your reservations will be honored at the other locations, ensuring you still receive every bit of that big D experience you’ve been waiting for. Additionally, to express their gratitude for your continued support, a luxury car service will be at your disposal for your reservation, whisking you and your party to and from your night out, compliments of the venue. Complimentary bottle service will also accompany you on your journey through out the evening!

For up to the minute updates, locate Dionysus’s hub in your apps and log in with your reservation details, and it’s as easy as that!

As always, HN will keep you updated with any news as we all anticipate the club's reopening!

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